working as a team

I feel in the last few weeks me and Sam are working far more as a team, I am slowly accepting that he is the sort of person that needs to be asked to do something rather that knowing automatically than it needs to be done.

we had a chat about finances and he understands more how the spending diary works and that as a weekly average our food spend is fairly low. We both have similar goals of buying a house and then over paying the mortgage where possible, its just the pesky deposit issue to sort out. although I do most of the budgeting and food planning its nice to have a second opinion rather that him just telling me he trusts me.

We are also making more of an effort to ensure the washing up is done before going to bed, getting up to a clean kitchen does wonders for my mood and makes me far more inclined to cook. I just wish I had the motivation to make sure the whole place was tidy before bed, If i can’t keep a flat tidy I have no idea how I will cope with a house if we ever get one


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